Apr 30

The Great Equalizer - A Variety Show By Bobby Kahn

Bobby Kahn returns to The Hook and Ladder Theater with a two-night variety show featuring dance, music, and comedy acts. Bobby will take a backseat as a performer in this show, and instead hand the stage off to a diverse cast of performers who represent a wide spectrum of performance styles.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all, you’ll be inspired by this eclectic mix of established and emerging artists. Anyone can be a star, given the chance to shine. The stage is The Great Equalizer! 

Hola Agua
Voice Of Culture Drum & Dance
New Year’s Steve (Michael Gaughan)
Energy Dance Collective
Rikyrah Snow & Queens
Tom Cassidy
Dani Frame
Jaime Ramberg
Simon Chama

Curated and Hosted By:
Bobby Kahn

The performances will be the same each night.

Support the performers by buying advance tickets from them directly! 

After the show, performers and audience members alike will congregate on the dance floor with a soundtrack provided by Modwell (who will be doing a live techno set) on April 28 and Michelle Muse (who will be doing a DJ set) on April 29. The cover for just the dance party will be $5.