Writing about yourself and your events can be very uncomfortable!  Let me help you with it.

I have a unique blend of experience on many sides of the writing process. Since 2008, I have had over 50 pieces (mostly focused on the arts) published by various local and national publications, including The Current, City Pages, and more -- all as a freelancer. I have also written press releases and other event write ups for over a dozen events I have produced and promoted. As a member of Gamut Gallery, I have been privy to watching an outreach team with a very high success rate in terms of attracting press. Additionally, I have been hired to write several artist bios and I have experience writing blog posts and other website content.

In the interest of acquiring experience in this line of work, my hourly rate is very affordable. If you are interested in retaining my services, please send me an email at rbkahn AT gmail dot com (or click the mail icon below).

Here are some examples of things I can help you with:

  • Press Releases, Particularly For Events
  • Bios and Artist Statements
  • Blog Posts
  • Other Website Content
  • Event Write Ups - For Facebook And Elsewhere

I will add, most of the writing I have done is related to the arts and artists, as well as live events. I'm not saying I wouldn't take on anything outside this realm, but it is where my experience lays.